The History behind the Jugs of Erebuni Earrings

Welcome to the adventure of Erebuni! Today, we are exploring the ancient and mysterious jugs of Erebuni, and how they have been breathed back to life in the form of the beautiful Erebuni Jugs Gold Plated Earrings.

Just think – these unique earrings have been inspired by the same jugs that were crafted in ancient Erebuni thousands of years ago. It is incredible to think that something so timeless can still be alive and well.

Soaring high above the jugs is the sun that crawned Haldi's (Khaldi) head, who was the supreme god of the Urartian pantheon, and there was a temple dedicated to him at ancient Erebuni. 


The Erebuni Jugs gold plated silver earrings are crafted from the same jugs of ancient Erebuni, combining the traditional and traditional craftsmanship of an age-old city with modern jewelry design. The detail of these earrings is absolutely exquisite. 

Each pair of earrings is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, drawing upon their skill and expertise to create something truly special. They make an excellent gift, but also an amazing addition to anyone’s jewelry collection!

So there you have it – our adventure through the jugs of Erebuni and how they live on through these enchanting Erebuni Jugs earrings. A timeless way to accessorize your look and share a piece of history.

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