About Us

When I decided to follow my passion for creation, I knew I wanted to create an authentic jewelry brand that offers a meaningful story behind each piece. And this is how Arubani jewelry and accessories was born. Founded in Yerevan in February 2021, its name comes from the Urartians’ goddess of fertility and art. She was also the wife of their supreme god, Khaldi. Under the influence of the Armenian rich heritage, we produce high-quality but gold plated silver jewelry inspired by the ancient culture with a modern twist.

Looking like taken straight out of the archeological excavation, our ornaments harmoniously connect the esthetics of the past times and culture into today's sophistication and delicacy of design. All with the aim to subtly enhance your style. Each piece draws inspiration from a Armenian ornament, object, or painting, giving the impression of wearing unique and meaningful jewelry with a compelling story behind it.
Wear it with meaning,
Victoria Ohanjanyan